Cleaved Endocan

An endothelial dysfunction marker

Endocan clived

CG-cleaved endocan is the specific product of cathepsin G proteolysis on endocan. Under normal condition, CG-cleaved endocan is undetectable in plasma but rise considerably in severe septic or septic shock patients. Plasma from septic shock patients don’t cleave endocan. CG-cleaved endocan is thought to result from an endothelial cell injury by neutrophils.

A new clinical concept

CG-cleaved endocan represents a new specific marker of neutrophil-endothelial injury. It represents one way where endocan decreases, particularly in septic shock patients who will develop acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Detection of CG-cleaved endocan identifies a specific inflammatory pathway by which the disease can evolve.

New clinical applications

Measurement of CG-cleaved endocan is open for clinical research.

How to prescribe CG-cleaved endocan?

Blood sampling on EDTA is recommended.