Do It Yourself ELISA Kit H1 Bulk 5 plates (human Endocan)

The DIY (Do It Yourself) ELISA Kit H1 allows the detection of human Endocan in biological fluids (serum, plasma, etc.) and the human cell culture supernatants. Enables 200 samples in duplicate to be analyzed in 5 96-well plates
Ref : LIK-1101B5
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This reference ( LIK-1101B5) is only intended for research (RUO / research use only). And not in diagnostic or therapeutic uses.




The DIY (Do it Yourself) Elisa Kit H1 or DIYEK H1 (ref LIK-1101B5) is an immunoassay enables 200 samples in duplicate to be analyzed in two 96-well plates. Simply have 100 µL of serum, plasma or human cell culture supernatant to perform this assay.

This immunoassay, based on the principle of a sandwich ELISA (i.e. using two monoclonal anti-human Endocan antibodies) allows the quantification of Endocan in samples (supernatants culture, plasma or serum).

The DIYEK H1 (LIK-1101B5) contains the essential compounds to allow quantification of Endocan in biological fluids (serum, plasma, ascites fluid, vitreous humor, etc.) and in cell culture supernatants human :

  • One vial with anti-human Endocan monoclonal antibody, capture antibody,
  • One vial with anti-human monoclonal antibody Endocan, detection antibody,
  • Two vials of lyophilized recombinant Endocan for calibration.

The protocol (inserted into the kit and downloadable from our website) is easily achievable and provides highly reproducible results.

You can also buy Endocan calibrators independently according to your plate patterns (companion product: LIP-1101).


  • Sandwich ELISA using two monoclonal antibodies purified by affinity
  • Detects the human and monkey Endocan
  • Format: quantity sufficient for 5 x 96 wells
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Linearity: 0.4 to 10 ng / mL
  • Detection limit: 0.2 ng / mL
  • Limit of quantification: 0.4 ng / mL

Complementary products

  • Anticorps anti-endocan / ESM-1 humain (N-Ter) MEP08 100 µg : LIA-0901
  • Anticorps anti-endocan / ESM-1 humain (N-Ter) MEP21 100 µg : LIA-0902
  • Anticorps anti-endocan / ESM-1 humain (C-Ter) MEP14 100 µg : LIA-1001
  • Endocan humain standard : LIP-1101


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