Endomark® H1

EndoMark ® H1 allows the quantification of human endocan in plasma. This reference LIDM-1201 is a product intended for in vitro diagnosis.
Ref : LIDM-1201
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Main indication: prediction of the arisen of respiratory failure at 48 hours for septic or multiple trauma patients.




Endomark® H1 (LIDM-1201) is a sandwich type immunoassay ready to use allowing to analyse 40 samples in duplicate.

It only requires 100 µl of human plasma to perform this immunoassay.

Blood sampling at admission, renewable for follow-up.

EndoMark®H1 (LIDM-1201) contains all necessary compounds to allow the quantification of endocan in human plasma :

  • 6x16 precoated wells with capture antibody
  • One vial of anti-endocan monoclonal antibody coupled to biotin, detection antibody
  • 5 calibrators
  • One positive control
  • A bottle of revealing buffer
  • A bottle of ELISA buffer 20X
  • A bottle of substrate solution
  • A bottle of acid stop solution
  • Three ELISA adhesives sealing films
  • Instructions of use


  • Linearity : 0.3 à 5 ng/ml
  • Detection limit : 0.15 ng/ml
  • Quantification limit : 0.3 ng/ml
  • Intra-series repeatability (%CV) : 4,80%
  • Inter-series reproductibility (%CV) : 7,59%
  • Interferences: no interferences observed with hemolysed, lactescent or icteric plasma


Also exist in « Research Use Only » format : Reference LIK-1205 called « Just Do It » ELISA Kit H1.

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