Frequently asked questions

Commercial questions

  • How to create an account Lunginnov ? Open or Close

    To create an account, you only need to :

    • write your e-mail address
    • find and write a password
    • write down your details to allow delivery
  • How should I store my Lunginnov antibody? Open or Close

    Recommended storage conditions can be found on Lunginnov product datasheets. You should always refer to the datasheet for the most accurate information. Generally, we recommend storage at +4ºC for use in the following days or weeks or -20ºC for use in months. Lyophilized products, which do not contain preservative can usually be stored at +4ºC until reconstitution but should be stored at -20ºC thereafter.

  • What about shipping ? Open or Close

    Orders can be shipped to any country in the world.

    Orders are shipped via courrier service (usually DHL, TNT or Fedex).

    Shipping takes 2-3 business days up to a week in certain world area.

    Orders are shipped directly to your company or institute.


  • What about my personal details ? Open or Close collect personal details to be able to process your order (name, address, contact numbers, etc.)

    All these data are kept safely and we considered them as strictly confidential. Moreover has been registed at "la Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL)" under the registration number 1420935. According the french law (loi Informatique et Libertés) of the 6th  january 1978, you can have access to your details and modify them if required.


Scientific questions

  • How was my Lunginnov monoclonal antibody purified? Open or Close

    Lunginnov monoclonal antibodies of IgG class are always purified using Protein G or Protein A affinity chromatography, that consequently results in antibody preparations of more of >95% purity.

  • What is the expiry date of my Lunginnov antibody? Open or Close

    Information relating to the shelf life of each Lunginnov product can be found on the product datasheet.

    For monoclonal antibodies, the expiry date is 10 years.

    For ELISA Kits :

    • References LIK-1101, LIK-1102 and LIK-1103 : 18 months
    • References LIK-1201 and LIK-1205 : The expiry date indicated on the pre-coated microplate is the expiry date of the kit.
  • What is an isotype control? Open or Close

    An immunoglobulin will always bind non-specifically to cells expressing Fc receptors on their surface. Antibodies raised in mice, particularly of the IgG2a isotype, bind strongly to human leukocytes. Isotype antibodies are therefore used as negative controls and incorporated into flow cytometry or IHC protocols to assess the level of non-specific binding to Fc receptors on the studied cell populations.