Quality Policy

« Developing a quality improvement policy based on innovation for the benefit of patients »


To ensure and to improve the quality of our products

  • To boost the shared culture of traceability through the implementation of quality management tools daily by all professionals.
  • To ensure total control of our production processes and marketing.
  • To deploy a priori analysis of the risks inherent to each process, and implement suppression measures, reduction or eviction as required.

To promote our product to increase sales

  • To identify new markets by ensuring constant monitoring of the bibliography.
  • To prospect and to promote direct contact approach to increase knowledge of our products and to adapt our offer to the customer’s requirements.
  • To develop sales of our products on the French territory and internationally.

To develop our research programs to meet the expectations of our clients

  • To develop biomarkers by identifying candidate molecules and to produce corresponding assay kits.
  • To discuss with investigators the expected clinical proofs of concept.
  • To develop mentoring students through university project to enhance our studies.
  • To listen to our customers by meeting their needs and providing specific attention to their expectations.

To continue and to strengthen efforts for continuously improving Quality

  • To boost the involvement of all professionals in the process with the appointment of a quality manager.
  • To follow the recommendations of the french regulatory agency ANSM during its inspection in December 2012.
  • To implement the requirements of ISO 13485 by monitoring action plans.