About us

« Lunginnov develops innovative solutions for respiratory diseases that enable earlier therapeutic decision to be helpful for patients. »


Lunginnov markets 2 product lines:

  • A range of unique reagents for research in Life Sciences
  • A range of original medical devices for In Vitro Diagnostic

Scientific and Technological Innovation

Lunginnov is declared manufacturer to the french regulatory agency ANSM. The company devotes a significant part of its budget to its internal R&D and to set up collaborative projects with Research Centers in France and abroad.

International dimension

Through its website www.lunginnov.eu, the brand Lunginnov are known in over 135 countries, thanks to a network that has more than 24 distributors present on 5 continents.


Lunginnov is specialized on endocan and CG-cleaved endocan as markers of lung infection/injury, by proposing specific tools of high quality researchers and clinicians.